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Av rikku - 23 maj 2012 14:48

Gjorde ett inlägg på Google+, och det blev så långt att jag lägger in det på bloggen också. Men det blir på engelska, eftersom jag bara skriver på engelska på G+ och jag orkar inte sätta mig och översätta mig själv. :)

Well, what would you know? Stupidity really does not have any limits.

Let's start from the beginning. Google+ gave me some hints to people I might like to follow, so I checked them up. At one page, I discovered a photo. It was a picture, well, actually two pictures in one, of people demonstrating. The text to the pictures was "Imagine how stupid you are going to look in 40 years".

The top picture was people demonstrating against homosexual marriges and the bottom against interracial marriages.

Quite a catchy picture, I thought. The picture was full of comments and this is where the stupidity comes in.

People were arguing about wheather or not gay people should be allowed to marry. Among the most stupid comments I read were stuff like "If we allow gays to marry, there won't be any more children" and "It's not the way God meant it to be". There were plenty of other stupid comments, but I'll settle for those.

First of all, yes, I laughed. A lot. Allowing gays to marry will not make the entire population gay. If that were the case, then allowing only straight to marry should have erased all homosexuality. I'm not sure how the person/s came to that conclusion, and I'm not sure I want to know. :P

The second one.. well, since it's America, I'm not surprised. USA must be one of the most religious places in the world. They drag God in everywhere, it's even on the money. And they can't start a war without having God in on a corner somewhere. But even so, even if there was a God, how on earth could they possibly claim to know what s/he meant or planned? The strange part of religion is that over time, what "God meant" changes to fit the times. And the religious people pick and choose from the Bible what they like, to make the Bible fit their own personal views.

Isn't that strange?

Well, as you might have guessed, I'm not a beliver. I live in a country where roughly 90% of the population are atheists or agnostics. Well, most of us are members of the church, but we don't really go there and we do not believe in the religion. Generally speaking, of course. Some do, that goes without saying, but I just said it anyway. I know only roughly what it says in the Bible, some of the most famous stories I know, but that's about it. I have a hard time understanding why and how anyone could believe. It's just a storybook to me. Like Red Ridinghood or Snow White. But more boring. :)

Anyway, I was still surprised as to how much hatered people could muster just to argue that gay people have no right getting married. Why do they even care? Does it hurt them if a gay couple would be allowed to marry? No, of course not. But I guess prejudice is a hard nail to get out. Makes me think of the swedish film "Patrik 1,5". We had heard that it was supposed to be a funny movie, but it was only tragic, I thought.. :/ (Short summary for those who do not know the movie: A male gay (married!) couple are adopting a boy. They are led to believe that the boy is a cute 1,5 years old, but it turns out that he was actually 15 and not very cute, more.. criminal. And gay-hating. They move in to a nice, quiet neighbourhood and their neighbours are shocked to find out that they are gay and so a lot of hatred and prejudice make the couple split up. Sad story. But they get back together in the end. I think.)

But I guess people will come around. Racists still exist, but they are not so common as they used to be. Homophobics will be fewer in the futere too, I think.





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